CS:GO: s1mple humiliates opponent with game-winning knife kill at BLAST Madrid

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  Usually when teams take on Natus Vincere, their first concern is making sure that they know where s1mple is and just how he’s going to try and take them down. But, it’s hard to be on the lookout for him when, well, he’s actively?hiding and waiting to strike.

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  With Na’Vi looking to close out their Dust 2 win over Vodafone Giants, the CS:GO superstar made himself pretty scarce and hid inside of a bloomed smoke grenade as his teammates took down the remaining player on the Portuguese squad.

  As the final player, Ricardo ‘fox’ Pacheco, tried to salvage something by bursting out to the mid-doors, s1mple patiently let him past before sneaking behind and trying the backstab. The Ukrainian could only get one swipe in before fox fired back and realized what was happening. Yet, he was powerless to resist s1mple’s second slash as Na’Vi closed the game out with a 16-14 win.


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